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Jul 08

New To Prepping? Be VERY Careful. (Please share!)

It’s a tough time to be a prepper and an even tougher time to be a new prepper.  For those of you who have been in the game for a while think back to when it all started to click for you.  Your eyes were opened to a new reality, you felt like you had …

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Oct 22

When New Preppers (Family) Reach Out For Help. How To Handle It.

I’m not sure if it’s the state of the economy,the elections, Ebola, a sudden urge or maybe a mass awakening but in the last month I’ve had several family members hit me up for advice related to prepping.  Recommendations on what to have in the home, in the car, how to get started, where to …

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Aug 06

10 Simple Ideas to Get Started Prepping for Disasters

By Carlee You may think it can never happen to you. But all it takes is a quick look at the news to realize chances are good that at some point in the near future you will find yourself in some sort of emergency situation. It may be as localized as a house fire or …

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Oct 30

My Biggest Prepping Mistake

Last week I posted up a contest, the prize being a Lifestraw Family water filtration device which was donated by the good folks at   If you haven’t checked out the EarthEasy website it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes going through it, they have wide range of products from chicken coops to …

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Nov 20

Common Prepping Mistakes

Nobody starts out as an expert prepper or survivalist, all of us make mistakes throughout this journey.  Regardless if one is new to the game or a grizzled old vet we will still occasionally screw things up because none of us are perfect.  Our goal should be to learn from those mistakes, to grow from them and …

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Oct 01

How to buy a gun, and what to do after.

I spent time out at the range this weekend and trolling around in a few gun stores, picking over products I probably already have and don’t need or want and still don’t need.  There were lots of other people out there as well and through general observation I noticed just how many were completely unfamiliar …

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Sep 27

When they don’t agree with you

Friends are one thing, but what about when you have close family members who refuse to get on board with your prepping lifestyle?  This presents a difficult problem to solve and it is more prominent than you might think.  You are left feeling somewhat alone on your journey, but the urgency of the situation dictates …

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Sep 20

The Prepper Pyramid

Prepper Pyramid from Prepper-Resources dot com

I was out for a bike ride today and pondering a good way to get across how to prioritize while prepping.  Personally I see nothing wrong with excel spreadsheets sorted and filtered for results, but those are just boring.  How could I come up with a simple graphic which quickly gives the reader a snapshot …

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Sep 15

Often overlooked prepping items

Beans and bullets, probably the largest and well known reference to stockpiling food and weapons when it comes to prepping.  Yet a large stockpile of these items alone will not guarantee your safety or survival if the S Hits The Fan.  The following is a short list of often overlooked items that many preppers fail …

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Sep 09

Decision Making Flowchart for buying Prep Items

Prepper Decision Making Flow Chart

With respect to purchasing prepper items and the decision making process that accompanies it, I came up with this flow chart which you can print off and hang next to your desk.  While the flow chart applies specifically to men I’m sure women will appreciate it as well.  I thought to substitute this chart for …

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Sep 05

Practical Prepping for everyday life

Much time, money and effort is spent by preppers (myself included) planning for “the big one.”  Some massive event which could occur on a local, national or global scale which would require us to go into full survival mode.  The short list of catastrophic events which are usually taken into consideration go something like this: EMP, …

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Sep 03

It’s Too Late for Solutions

Everything might be going well in your world at the present.  You are thankful to have a good job, a nice family, the ability to pay your bills and have some disposable income to go on vacation or buy recreational items like a new motorcycle or boat.  Life is a bowl of cherries as they say.  Sure …

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Sep 02

Speculating can certainly be overwhelming

Speculating about uncertain times is a hard thing to do, made even more complicated by the fact that none of us can predict the future.  Still we try to prepare as best we can lest we plant our heads firmly in the sand, deny reality  and end up like the villagers of Pompeii, buried in …

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Sep 02

How to Explain the Current Economic Situation to Friends & Family

I found a great article over on Peak Prosperity which I wanted to share.  Quite often I find myself in discussions related to the national debt, unfunded liabilities or government spending in general.  Some people get it, as in we are in big trouble.  Others tend to play down the issue almost as if they …

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