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Nov 19

Watched a Man Get Killed Today: Misc Thoughts and AAR Comments

Today I was witness to a very violent car accident which left one driver literally in pieces, it happened right in front of me on the highway while traveling around 75 mph.  Since I was on the scene immediately I was able to quickly assess the situation and provide help when necessary before first police/fire arrived …

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Apr 30

SHTF, the FLU, Contingencies

I went for a early morning run last week, it was a bit chilly and windy but it wouldn’t have been the first time the weather didn’t cooperate with my plans.  The rest of the day went well although in the evening I felt a bit sore and went to bed early.  The next morning …

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Dec 04

Fish Antibiotics In Your Medical Stockpile

By Red Beard. DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. If possible, always seek professional medical help for diagnosis, medication usage and dosages. I am merely providing general information. No matter what event thrusts you and your family into a survival situation, illness and injury will always be a hazard. Obviously, if a war were …

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Sep 18

Deluxe Camp Sink: Sanitation and Hand Washing

By Michael. It isn’t always important to have clean hands while camping.  But it is very important to have clean hands while preparing food, eating, and after a bathroom break. When we are home, if we want to wash our hands, it’s easy to go to a sink and wash them.  We usually have a …

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Apr 26

Dealing with Back Pain after T-SHTF

Last Friday I was in my office just going over some stuff on my computer, I stood up to go get some coffee and my lower back felt a little strange.  That strange feeling turned into discomfort and then pain within an hour.  Later in the afternoon the straw broke the camel’s back occurred, I …

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Sep 18

Dermabond: First Aid Pouch Necessity

Band-aids are great when you have small cuts or open wounds.  Irrigate the wound slap some antibacterial goop on there and follow up with a band-aid, no big deal.  But what about when a band-aid won’t work?  Suck it up and just deal with it right?  Not so fast Rambo.  Small wounds/sores can be the …

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Aug 19

Homemade Mosquito Repellant

Mosquitoes LOVE to feast on me.  I can sit outside on my patio and get nailed 10 times within a few minutes by what seems to be a flock of mosquitoes, this while everyone else in the vicinity remains unscathed.  When I’m out in the woods if I do not sleep with heavy repellent on, …

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Jul 19

SHTF Dental Care: Yea I’ve been through that.

My buddy Ranger W, who happens to be a frequent guest contributor on this site always mentions dental care when I query him about relevant articles to write.  I’ve been blowing it off for a while so I decided to finally get down to it.  After all the topic is very relevant, you could be …

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Jun 07

Daily Medication when T-SHTF

By The Maj Do you or someone in your family take a daily medication that is necessary for survival?  If so, what are your plans post SHTF?  Many people have conditions which require daily medication and missing a prescribed dose may be the start of a very bad situation.  Most of these people do not …

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May 06

Post SHTF Personal Hygiene

By The Maj Staying clean by today’s standards in a post SHTF world will be a task that is close to impossible.  The daily, sometimes twice daily, bath or shower will become a thing of the past and the old joke of  “bath  night Saturday” will no longer be a joke for most people.  The …

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Apr 18

Mass Casualty Incident, What To Do?

In a perfect world a trauma patients are picked up by professionals at accident scenes and taken with much haste to a medical center where a staff of surgeons and other medical professionals await their arrival.  The patients are then afforded the best possible care in a sterile environment with every convenience of modern medicine …

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Feb 11

Surviving a Heart Attack

By Ditch Doctor The first step to prepare and protect your family from disaster is to first protect yourself.  You can’t take care of your family and friends if you become a victim.  Did you know that 2,150 Americans die each day from cardiovascular disease?  You need to know the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment …

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Jan 22

The best $4.50 you ever spent on survival gear

Behold the Multi-Purpose Triangle Bandage, otherwise known as the cravat.  This versatile piece of cloth has been around for as long as I can remember and probably decades before that.  It is well recognized as an essential part of any survival kit and since the price point is relatively low it makes sense to own …

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Jan 04

Blister treatment while on the move

If you have to bugout and move for long distances under heavy load, most likely your feet will be the first thing to go.  There could be a number of contributing factors to this which include but are not limited to: – You are wearing new boots, or boots that do not fit well. – …

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Dec 02

Trash disposal after the collapse: Burn it? Bury it?

Trash Considerations

Once a week you set your garbage cans out by the street so that some anonymous hard working individual can come by and make them go away. Usually this happens during the wee hours of the morning and those loud mechanical/hydraulic noises cause you to wake up 30 minutes before you normally do, but hey …

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