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Apr 17

Bugout Log, Entry #11: A Unique Situation

During the trip, I encountered several different situations that center around running across other people.  Some questions have been asked about my encounter with two game wardens on the river, I mentioned getting stopped by a game warden in the first leg, seeing fishermen along the river leg, and some rednecks in a power boat.  Going 150+ miles, it …

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Apr 11

Bugout Log, Entry #10: Final Thoughts and Lessons Learned

Note from PJ: While not the final journal entry (gear reviews to follow) this one from The Maj is absolutely loaded with great information with respect to lessons learned from his Bugout journey.  I wanted to make a note right up front to thank him for the time and effort put into this so that …

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Apr 04

Bugout Log, Entry #9: The Home Stretch (Day 11-15)

Day 11, Leg 3: Slept fine, temps dropped but never really noticed. Moving before daylight to make road crossing before traffic picks up. Four lane divided highway, which stays busy year round. Probably the most exposed I have been on entire trip, even with road miles. Once I clear it, have about 30 miles overland …

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Mar 28

Bugout Log, Entry #8: Nothing But Water (Day 7-10)

Day 7, Leg 2: Spent restless night close to bridge last night because planned campsite was under water. All the rain has river high and flowing swift. Moving before daylight to give me more time to scout some oxbow lakes and make tonight’s campsite. Datrex for breakfast along with half canteen of water. Used uv …

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Mar 24

Bugout Log, Entry #7: Settling In (Day 4-6)

Day 4, Leg 1: Slept like a fat baby last night. Did not even notice the rain quit – sun still is not shining though. Time to try some powdered eggs with bacon – will provide some variety at least. Coffee will be good as well, reminds me I need a percolator or French press …

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Mar 20

Bugout Log, Entry #6: And So It Begins (Day 1-3)

Day 1, Leg 1: Covered a little more than 12 miles. Trip still has the feel of a weekend hiking trip and the entire way I had to keep telling myself “3 weeks”. I avoided State Highways (crossing only one) and tried to stick to dirt roads for my road time. Approximately 5 miles of …

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Mar 17

Bugout Log, Entry #5: ‘Twas the Night Before…

I am looking forward to heading out tomorrow. In many ways, this trip has the feel of an abbreviated deployment. Bags packed next to the door, checklists checked and rechecked, last minute additions or deletions from the contents, shifting some items around, checking the feel on my back, etc. Sitting down and going over the maps again, covering the …

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Mar 13

Bugout Log, Entry #4: And the Kitchen Sink

There are plenty of opinions out there concerning Bugout bags and their contents. You can easily do a search and find hundreds of lists and even a few books on the subject. The one thing about all the opinions and lists is there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution to selecting the right …

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Mar 02

Bugout Log, Entry #3: Route Recon and Real World Emergency Planning

I am a firm believer in gathering as much information as possible before I start any task.  I am probably one of the few men on the planet that actually reads the directions BEFORE attempting to assemble anything and I tend to study them to the point that I do not have to reference them …

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Feb 23

Bugout Log, Entry #2: Physical Preparation

By The Maj. I have always maintained a reasonably high level of personal fitness.  “Working out” was something I picked up early in life and I have done it so long that I literally feel bad when I miss a few days.  As I have aged and things have changed in life, my fitness level …

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Feb 19

Bugout Log, Entry #1: You Are Going to Do WHAT?

Intro from PJ:  This will be the first of many logs which will stretch into March and possibly April, and if this goes well this will be a truly unique collection of data which will undoubtedly be of  great value to all of us.  We preppers often discuss or write about bugging out and worst …

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