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Aug 13

Shooting Tomorrow: Fundamentals / Fundamentals

Sometimes it’s fun to get out to the range and shoot up multiple targets with different weapons, various distances, all sorts of drills.  After all if you are spending the time and your own money to get out and train some element of it should be entertaining.  Yet there are points in time when it’s …

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Aug 09

WHOOPS: CCW License Expired

I’ve been sans pistola for the last week, much to my own chagrin but hey I only have myself to blame.  For some reason I thought that my CCW license renewal coincided with my birthday this year but then last week I happened to pull it out: it expired in the last week of July! …

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Jul 16

Why I went from TACTICAL to PRACTICAL on my Home Defense Shotgun

Over a year ago I tossed some tasty modifications on my home defense shotgun, which started out as a standard Mossberg 500 persuader (with the “hog leg”). Granted if this is all you have near the bed at night and it’s loaded with 00 Buck or slugs you are definitely sitting pretty, can’t argue with …

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Apr 22

Glock Compact vs Sub-Compact for Summer Carry

I don’t know about you but I like to be comfortable.  When it’s cold I put on clothes to stay warm and when it’s hot I wear less clothes to stay cool.  I try not to let my decision to carry a gun dictate what I wear, no ridiculous photog vests or unnecessary outer garments …

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Mar 30

3 Things I Do When Cleaning My Guns

Full Disclosure, I’m typing this out while Journey is playing in the background: Don’t Stop Believing.  Had to get that out of the way for the old heads in the room but it’s all good.  “Strangers….waiting…” So tonight I had the joy of cleaning all of the guns I shot this past weekend, I emphasize …

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Jan 30

Shotgun or Revolver for Home Defense? Think Again….

Mossberg pump, Taurus Judge or S&W .357.  Good options for home defense in most cases, but not if you are this guy… Neighbors who live in the Lakewood Grove subdivision in Tomball are on edge after a violent home invasion in the community overnight on Monday. The homeowner and suspects fired back and forth more …

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Jan 14

Complacency + Gun Shopping = This Video

Everyone should be aware of the 4 rules of gun safety, of which I’ll paraphrase here: 1- Treat every weapon as if it were loaded 2- Never point a weapon at something you do not intend to destroy 3- Never place your finger on the trigger until you are ready to engage 4- Know your …

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Nov 05

Reloading: Production vs Precision

There is great satisfaction to be had when pulling the trigger and sending forth a projectile from the barrel of a gun, especially when one goes through the trouble to produce that cartridge.  Assembling the projectile, casing, powder and primer…not to mention all of the prep and research involved before ever stepping foot on the …

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Sep 26

When You Can’t Carry A Gun At Work

I’m assuming that by now you have seen the headline: Woman beheaded at Oklahoma Workplace. OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A man fired from an Oklahoma food processing plant beheaded a woman with a knife and was attacking another worker when he was shot and wounded by a company official, police said Friday. Moore Police Sgt. …

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Apr 20

Open Carry: Act Like You’ve Been There

I remember being stationed in Germany, a wide eyed 19 year old who lived in a new country with endless possibilities.  Coming out of high school I was never much of a “party animal” and had mainly stuck to sports, JROTC and work.  Yet there I was in a land where 18 year olds could …

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Mar 18

The “Muscle Memory” Shooting Fallacy

Over the last few years I’ve run into guys who advocate muscle memory shooting (or point shooting), and as soon as they do I try to keep from rolling my eyes.  What they claim to be able to do is draw and fire their pistol accurately without using the sights.  Some have told me they …

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Feb 14

DIY: Night Sight Installation

Allow me to provide some background before getting into the meat of this post.  I don’t go to the movies that often because I generally despise large crowds and paying ridiculous amounts of money for butter laden popcorn (although it is delicious).  I do make an effort to go when a decent movie comes out, …

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Feb 02

Rifle Slings: Practical, Impractical, Obsolete

I suppose rifle slings are like concealed carry pistol calibers, everyone has their favorite selection and can justify their choice in at least 3 paragraphs.  Just like pistol calibers (and probably even more so) the choices in rifle slings are far and wide, with so many configurations/materials/attachment points you can usually walk through 3 or …

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Dec 27

So you want a MAN’s gun?

If you’ve been following this blog for more than a month you’ll know that I’m a Glock “fanboy.”  I have makes and models of other pistols but love my Glocks.  My wife and I both carry Glocks as our primary CCW platform and I’d estimate that I spend 90% of my time on the range …

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Dec 04

Cheap 410 Shells Without Shotgun Reloading Equipment

By Kurt. I’m writing this article with the assumption that you have access to reloading equipment and the knowledge how to use it, If you do not, now is the time to learn and the time to acquire the equipment and components. There is a day coming when this sort of equipment and the experience …

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