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Jan 21

After Action Review (AAR): Break In Shooting (Video)

The story and follow up from Local 8 News in Idaho. Cvengros had a camera rolling to document the commotion after seeing glass flying from the upstairs apartment onto the cars parked below. He said once he heard unusually concerning noises coming from the apartment upstairs, he started documenting the commotion using his digital camera, …

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Sep 12

Vid: How to Siphon Gas Without A Pump

I was recently at an auto parts store looking at gas siphons, they weren’t too bad but I figured there had to be an easier way.  Of course, getting a mouth full of gasoline must be avoided too.  I found this video on YouTube, it gets straight to the point and shows a clever way …

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May 30

Vid: Water Purification and Filtration

Pretty good video from our friend Tom over at   Print PDF

May 14

Vid: Lifestraw in Action

Got your Lifestraw yet?  I have quite a few of these beauties and at around $20 each over at they really are a bargain.  I have purchased a Lifestraw for all of our BOBs, and separately in one of my chest rig’s grenade pouches.  The thought is that if for some reason I have to …

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Feb 09

Vid: Low Light Home Defense Tactics

What’s your home defense plan when something goes bump in the night?  Is your primary weapon a rifle, shotgun, pistol or baseball bat?  In light of recent articles I’ve posted dealing with home defense/monitoring scenarios I decided to share this great vid which highlights some of the basics when clearing a home at night. Make sure …

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Feb 04

Vid: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Despite what you think is going on around you, life is good!  Drink some more victory gin and put a smile on your face.     Print PDF

Dec 02

We Do Not Live In A Civilized Society

When pondering what the title should be for this post I couldn’t help but think back to all of the gun control hysteria which was going on about a year ago.  During that time many who were pushing for more laws often touted the fantasy that we now live in a civilized society and as …

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Oct 27

American Blackout Preview With Thoughts

Don’t forget that American Blackout is on Nat Geo tonight at 9pm EST.  I came across a clip on YouTube which had a small preview of the show, check it out. Since it’s easy to troubleshoot other people’s scenarios from the comfort of my own couch I’ll go ahead and pick this clip apart.  The …

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Aug 28

Where were the Sheepdogs?

This event took place at 10:30pm in a Denny’s, not exactly a crack house in the slums of the city. 3 gunman storm the restaurant demanding cash from the register and the customers, pointing guns at anyone and everyone.  Eventually they get frustrated and start shooting and now one of those people has died (according …

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Apr 30

Military Arms Channel: Armor Plate Tests Video

I’ve written a few reviews related to body armor and plate carriers, but I’ve never done a video which tests the product using live rounds.  It is true that there are many vids already out there on YouTube where guys blast away at armor hanging from a fence post, about a scientific as it gets. …

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Mar 21

Could Cyprus debacle happen here in the US?

Warning signs for sure, we here in the US should take heed.  Personally I thing Cyprus is merely the tip of the iceburg and that the dominoes will continue to fall.  If you think that we will not be affected by what happens in Europe, you should think again.   Print PDF

Mar 06

5 Prepper YouTube videos worth watching

If you have a bit of time on your hands check out some of these popular YouTube videos.  Water and food storage, get home bag construction, communications and bugging out are all popular topics covered.  Of course I have written about all of these topics but it never hurts to explore other people’s opinions.  Enjoy! …

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Oct 19

9 Meals Away From Anarchy

How much food do you have in your home right now?  If you are like most people (and I hope that you aren’t) you probably have enough to last a couple days or more.  This combined with the fact that our stores use a just in time delivery system mean that any interruption to the …

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Oct 09

America’s Obesity Problem

America has a serious problem in that we are collectively getting fat.  Just go to the mall and walk around, do a little people watching.  Easily 2 out of every 3 people you observe will be overweight.  For preppers this presents a huge issue because if things get crazy the state of an individual’s health …

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Sep 18

“Democracy cannot survive too much ignorance…”

Check out this interview conducted recently with former Supreme Court Justice David Souter. Justice Souter addresses one of the most pervasive problems in our country: the civic ignorance of the general public. How is it possible that 2/3 of our country doesn’t even know that we have three branches of government? Then again with all of the distractions …

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