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Jun 25

CCR: Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

I wanna know….have you ever seen the rain? Love this song, band and video.  It’s funny since I started adding the subscribe option to this blog the numbers have grown greatly.  I suspect that’s because this website isn’t a cookie cutter prepper blog, if you want the expected run of the mill stuff this isn’t …

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Jan 21

After Action Review (AAR): Break In Shooting (Video)

The story and follow up from Local 8 News in Idaho. Cvengros had a camera rolling to document the commotion after seeing glass flying from the upstairs apartment onto the cars parked below. He said once he heard unusually concerning noises coming from the apartment upstairs, he started documenting the commotion using his digital camera, …

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Sep 12

Vid: How to Siphon Gas Without A Pump

I was recently at an auto parts store looking at gas siphons, they weren’t too bad but I figured there had to be an easier way.  Of course, getting a mouth full of gasoline must be avoided too.  I found this video on YouTube, it gets straight to the point and shows a clever way …

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Aug 18

Prepper Anthem: Standard American (Video)

I don’t know about you, but this one hits the nail pretty close on the head. For any who might be offended, the “b word” is used quite a bit.  Eh… Enjoy! The song is from Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys.   Print PDF

Aug 13

Vid: A tribute to Robin Williams

Say what you want about his personal life, maybe you don’t give a rat’s a$$ about him…maybe you have heard he was a godless person and for that you could care less.  All I know is this, he spent lots of time bringing smiles to that faces of countless men and women in uniform and …

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May 30

Vid: Water Purification and Filtration

Pretty good video from our friend Tom over at   Print PDF

May 14

Vid: Lifestraw in Action

Got your Lifestraw yet?  I have quite a few of these beauties and at around $20 each over at they really are a bargain.  I have purchased a Lifestraw for all of our BOBs, and separately in one of my chest rig’s grenade pouches.  The thought is that if for some reason I have to …

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Feb 09

Vid: Low Light Home Defense Tactics

What’s your home defense plan when something goes bump in the night?  Is your primary weapon a rifle, shotgun, pistol or baseball bat?  In light of recent articles I’ve posted dealing with home defense/monitoring scenarios I decided to share this great vid which highlights some of the basics when clearing a home at night. Make sure …

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Feb 04

Vid: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Despite what you think is going on around you, life is good!  Drink some more victory gin and put a smile on your face.     Print PDF

Dec 02

We Do Not Live In A Civilized Society

When pondering what the title should be for this post I couldn’t help but think back to all of the gun control hysteria which was going on about a year ago.  During that time many who were pushing for more laws often touted the fantasy that we now live in a civilized society and as …

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Oct 27

American Blackout Preview With Thoughts

Don’t forget that American Blackout is on Nat Geo tonight at 9pm EST.  I came across a clip on YouTube which had a small preview of the show, check it out. Since it’s easy to troubleshoot other people’s scenarios from the comfort of my own couch I’ll go ahead and pick this clip apart.  The …

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Aug 28

Where were the Sheepdogs?

This event took place at 10:30pm in a Denny’s, not exactly a crack house in the slums of the city. 3 gunman storm the restaurant demanding cash from the register and the customers, pointing guns at anyone and everyone.  Eventually they get frustrated and start shooting and now one of those people has died (according …

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Jul 22

Rally In Akron, Mississippi For Trayvon Martin (Video)

I was sent the link to this video from a fellow prepper, and you must know I pondered posting it up here on the blog for almost an hour.  There are a few things you must know about this video: Strong language, to include use of the “N Word” is in the video. The opinions …

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May 13

Confiscate, confiscate, confiscate….

Second Amendment rights advocates are fuming today over words from three Democratic state senators caught on tape after Thursday’s hearing on the upper chamber’s gun control package. The three female senators, who sound from the recording to be Sen. Loretta Weinberg, Sen. Sandy Cunningham and Sen. Linda Greenstein are heard discussing the just-closed hearing. “We …

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May 10

Pro Tip: How to Speed Reload a Pistol (Video)

Check out this great video which covers a no nonsense and effective approach to learning (and improving upon) speed reloads.  A three step procedure is covered in this video: 1- Activating the mag release while simultaneously drawing a fresh magazine. 2- Visually acquire the magwell and insert the fresh magazine [done within your “workspace”]. 3- …

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