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Jun 17

Why You Should Own A German Shepherd

Maybe this is an irrelevant dog lover post, but for those interested in the safety and security that a dog can provide both PRE and POST SHTF, I encourage you to do your research and pick up a German Shepherd (GSD).  Granted, other dogs out there will serve similar purposes but from someone who has …

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Oct 28

You and Your Dog Can Survive a Terrorist Attack

By Michael: On Sept. 11, 2001, the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers made Americans realize terrorism can happen anywhere. This realization and the continued terror threats have many preparing for the worst. If you have to evacuate your home and head into the wilderness, could you and your dog survive? According to the Humane …

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Aug 21

Thoughts on a dog for SHTF

When I envision what the perfect dog would be like for SHTF, the following traits come to mind. Medium size, preferably between 75 to 100 lbs. Doesn’t eat a lot, say 1 cup of food per day. Doesn’t poop a lot, maybe once a day and always in the corner of the yard. Super intelligent, …

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Feb 28

Pet considerations while Prepping

Many of us have family members which walk about on 4 legs rather than two, and these critters will accompany us through thick and thin if T-SHTF. The simple fact is the our dogs, cats, and other pets are part of the family and we should prep for their needs as well as our own. …

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