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Feb 16

DIY: Pocket Chainsaw for $15

The other day I got stuck in the YouTube black hole, checking out all sorts of things related to prepping when I came upon the concept of the pocket chainsaw.  Essentially it’s a chainsaw chain with handles on it which allows one to (very efficiently) saw through pretty large pieces of wood if in a …

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Feb 14

DIY: Night Sight Installation

Allow me to provide some background before getting into the meat of this post.  I don’t go to the movies that often because I generally despise large crowds and paying ridiculous amounts of money for butter laden popcorn (although it is delicious).  I do make an effort to go when a decent movie comes out, …

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Jan 05

DIY: $15 Shower Gun Box

When are you most vulnerable in your home?  I would submit the answer to that question is simple:  it’s when you are in the shower.  Think about it, even if you carry a gun while in your home it’s probably not with you in the shower.  The shower creates quite a bit of noise when …

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Oct 15

DIY: Candle Making with Reckless Abandon

Emergency Essentials sells a case of 12 (100 hour) emergency candles for $54, not bad and probably more candle action than I’ll ever need.  If I didn’t feel like dropping $54 plus shipping I could also head down to the Dollar Store and probably picked up enough regular candles to stuff in a grocery bag …

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Oct 03

Repair, Don’t Replace! Join the DIY Revolution

Note from PJ:  This article touches on a basic concept that we should all embrace.  Learning how to repair essential items around the home instead of simply trashing them and buying new is a valuable skill that might come in handy sooner than later.  In the meantime you surely can save yourself some cash (and …

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Sep 20

DIY: Bedside Holster System

Bedside holsters are a great system if you don’t have curious little toddlers running around the house (I don’t).  When you go to sleep at night your weapon is secured within reach in the exact same spot each and every time.  Your hand cannon won’t get knocked off of your nightstand when you attempt to …

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Jul 22

DIY: Takedown Target Stands

My reasoning was simple:  I got tired of my cheap little target stands blowing over when the wind picked up over 5 mph.  Sure the landscaping stakes stapled together with foam board in the middle did work, but there had to be something better which was sturdier and easier to transport.  Obviously if you pay …

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