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Sep 13

CCW: When Your Wife Carries

If I could summarize this article in once sentence it would be this: what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for her, and although I considered that going in the actual application of this premise was eye opening. The Background My wife has had her CCW for quite a few years with her primary weapon …

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Aug 09

WHOOPS: CCW License Expired

I’ve been sans pistola for the last week, much to my own chagrin but hey I only have myself to blame.  For some reason I thought that my CCW license renewal coincided with my birthday this year but then last week I happened to pull it out: it expired in the last week of July! …

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Aug 04

A Gun NOT ON YOU = No Gun.

I remember attending a funeral recently during which quite a few HD riders showed up to pay their final respects.  Myself and some buddies were standing off to the side as the HD’s lined up and the riders dismounted, chatting and just milling about.  One of the riders opened a top case about 6 feet …

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Apr 22

Glock Compact vs Sub-Compact for Summer Carry

I don’t know about you but I like to be comfortable.  When it’s cold I put on clothes to stay warm and when it’s hot I wear less clothes to stay cool.  I try not to let my decision to carry a gun dictate what I wear, no ridiculous photog vests or unnecessary outer garments …

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Jan 07

France Shooting, Terrorists, Gun Control and Concealed Carry

By now you’ve probably read about it and seen it on the news.  Today in Paris three gunman killed 12 in a deliberate attack on a French magazine.  Not only did they kill people inside the building they also shot people while exchanging fire outside in the street.  If you missed it, here is the …

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Nov 21

Concealed Carry > Knockout Game

I’m sure by now many of you have heard of the knockout game.  In this game, a group of wannabe thugs  take advantage of an unsuspecting victim and try to physically knock that person out with one punch.  This game has left several people injured and even killed others. Fortunately there are ways to mitigate …

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Nov 04

CCW With Empty Chamber?

This topic has been discussed at length all over the web and at various ranges but I’ve yet to address it here.  My personal stance is to always carry with one in the pipe, to each his own I suppose. I found a great video online which also goes into another aspect of why carrying …

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Sep 12

Concealed Carry in…Gym Shorts? Absolutely.

If I had it my way I would look cool 24/7.  By cool I mean I would be tacti-cool and ready to rock if aliens started falling from the sky or a sudden zombie attack manifested itself.  Hiking footwear, tan ripstop pants with lots of pockets and drag handles, combat belt, and form fitting tshirt …

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Feb 07

Glock Holster Options: Pros and Cons

I like Glock pistols, A LOT.  I do own other brands but I find Glock to be the best combination of affordability, functionality and reliability.  They are not in any way sexy but they get the job done.  Like any true pistol owner I have a container full of holsters.  Some were bought online, in …

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Dec 12

5 essential everyday carry (EDC) items

EDC Everyday Carry Items

Each person must decide for themselves what is best when considering what to EDC.  When you leave the house each morning are you spartan in nature, maybe a pocket knife and a lighter complete your loadout?  Or do you reside on the other end of the spectrum and have what essentially amounts to the contents …

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Nov 19

Concealed Carry: You’re doing it wrong.


My brother is a college student who lives several states away from me. He sent me a photo via text last night which is worth sharing.   I will do my best to relay the sequence of events as they were described to me, as you can imagine I had quite a few questions for …

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