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Mar 18

A Comprehensive Bugout Strategy

I’ve written about bugging out in the past, it’s a popular concept with many relevant ties to everyday life and unfortunately it’s also a concept rooted in many prepper fantasies.  Realistic bugouts happen quite frequently due to localized natural disasters, folks have to leave their home with very little notice hoping that it will be …

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Sep 03

4 Things Wrong With Your BugOut / Survival Bag

I recently spent a few days out in the backcountry wilderness living out of my bag, miles away from the nearest town and long out of cell phone range.  It was myself and my dog hiking a few miles a day at over 10,000 feet in elevation, getting in touch with nature and evaluating some …

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Nov 14

The BugOut Land Fantasy

The S hits the fan and you pack the family into your 4wd, drive an hour to your bugout location (BOL) just before the crazies overrun your suburban house.  The property isn’t much but it’s yours, 20 acres with some water and deep in the woods.  You then build a shelter, plant crops, establish a …

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Feb 04

What I Look For In A BUGOUT BAG (aka Survival Bag).

Like most people I have gone through various stages over the years with how I address the Bugout Bag conundrum.  A few years ago I actually had two bags, an OD Green Army ALICE pack (rucksack) which I kept staged as a dedicated bugout bag and a smaller heavy duty backpack which I kept in …

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Jan 15

You Might Reconsider Those Freeze Dried Meals In Your BugOut Bag

My wife and I like to go hiking and do some occasional backpacking.  I freely admit that I like to spend more time in the woods than she does so I consider it a bonus when she tags along.  Last fall we spent a few days in a remote part of a National Forest doing …

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Oct 02

BugOut Bag for Kids

By Naomi: As a Prepper, your top priority is to keep your children, your spouse and yourself safe and out of harm’s way.  A bug-out-bag is something we usually prepare with the bare survival essentials to cover the areas of food, water, shelter, navigation and self-protection. I admit there are a lot of great bug-out-bag …

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Sep 13

Bugout right NOW. Can you be out in 10 minutes?

Bugging out is a relatively cool topic in the prepping world and makes for great videos/articles.  Bugout strategies, bugout bags, bugout locations and bugout vehicles are all part of the package.  Yet the strange reality is that most of us plan on bugging IN if a true TEOTWAWKI scenario takes place, i.e. massive grid down …

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Aug 23

The Important Documents, Ignore Them At Your Peril.

By The Maj Ever thought about having to evacuate for an event (hurricane, wildfire, etc) where your home may or may not be there when you get a chance to return?  With the wildfires raging our west and hurricane season coming into the busy time of year in the Atlantic, it is something that many …

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Aug 16

Bugout Strategy: One or Two Vehicles?

The S has hit the fan and your family executes bugout plan 101, otherwise known as get the heck out of town.  Your 4×4 is loaded down with all your supplies, the trailer is hooked up, roof rack is full, gas cans strapped down.  Your bugout vehicle is a thing of beauty and comes complete …

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Jul 31

False: “Only Move At Night”

We’ve all seen it touted out there, that during any type of bugout scenario one should only move at night, as in moving during daylight hours is completely off the table as an option.  Wrong.  Not only will that course of action probably cause one more trouble than it’s worth, it would increases the probability …

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Feb 25

Why Books Should be Part of Your Bug Out Bag

By Chris We live comfortable lives, at a great remove from our distant ancestors who were content with a dry cave and a full stomach. In the event of an emergency or life-changing disaster we too will have three basic needs; food, shelter and warmth. In preparation for an apocalyptic crisis it is advisable to …

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Nov 25

Tips for setting up your Bugout Bag.

Chances are you have a Bugout Bag ready to go in your basement with (at minimum) enough supplies to last you 3 days should you have to quickly evacuate your homestead on short notice.  Besides food and water what you have inside your bag is usually based on some sort of generic packing list, slightly …

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Nov 13

The Priorities of Work

The S has Hit The Fan with full force, you have been forced to evacuate your home and are on the move to your Bugout location. You might be in a vehicle, on a bicycle, or on foot. Most likely you are with a group of people, your immediate family and a couple close friends …

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Nov 12

Bugout Checklist

Bugging out is a huge topic of interest within the prepper community.  Whether getting out ahead of a storm or leaving the homestead after all options have been exhausted (post collapse) the need to bug out is a very real possibility and should be thought through (and practiced) at length.  I recently wrote about refining …

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Sep 13

Refining your BugOut strategy.

BugOut Shelf Unit

The concept of “Bugging Out” is a popular one amongst preppers. The term BugOut refers to quickly getting out of a bad situation before it turns into a really bad and possibly life threatening situation. When threatened by a hurricane, wildfire, chemical spill, or even volcanic eruption people are forced to BugOut whether they like …

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