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Jun 21

Infidel Body Armor Review: With Bellator Plate Carrier

Infidel Body Armor is based out of Dallas, TX and is owned by a USAF and LEO Veteran.  They were kind enough to offer me some body armor to review and I willingly accepted.  I have what I consider to be extensive experience with the IBA and IOTV variety of Milspec body armor and also …

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Mar 30

BulletSafe Body Armor Review

Why have body armor?  That’s the question many people ask and my response to that is this: why NOT have body armor and as a matter of fact why NOT have body armor for every member of the family that is capable of wearing a vest?  To be sure there are other preps which take …

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Apr 05

SafeGuard Armor: Stealth Concealable Body Armor Review

I was recently contacted by a representative from Safeguard Armor, he asked if I would like to review their Stealth Body Armor.  I’ve written body armor and plate carrier reviews in the past, but have never reviewed any concealable armor.  Truth be told the concealable armor is much more practical and can be used on a …

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Mar 04

Plate Carrier Review: Condor MOPC vs Tactical Tailor TTRAC

For those of you who might be interested in acquiring a plate carrier in the near future, I give you a review / head to head competition of two popular brands.  This post will be heavy on pictures (click to enlarge), bullet points and rather lengthy.  Before I continue there are a few questions I …

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