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Aug 25

Personal Defense: Ka-Bar TDI Knife Demo

Check out this demo video about the Ka-Bar TDI knives, a good backup option if your main weapon (and strong hand) are disabled.  The timed demos are pretty cool to watch, i.e. the slowest person with a TDI knife is faster than the fastest person with a folding knife. After exchanging some messages with resident …

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Dec 25

EDC Knife: Benchmade Mini-Barrage vs Cold Steel Code 4

I’ll just come right out and state it: An Everyday Carry (EDC) knife is a more useful tool than a sidearm.  If I had the choice to ONLY carry one or the other I concede it would definitely be the sidearm, I don’t see myself fairing too well against a bad guy (or two) at …

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Jan 21

What to look for in Survival Knives & Hatchets

By James. Survival Knives Outdoor survival knives have been an essential tool ever since the first explorers cut their way across the new frontier. The right knife should be sharp, durable and safe, allowing the user to prepare firewood, build shelters and slice fabrics and materials. Here is everything you need to know about when …

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Jan 13

SHTF Blade: SOG Spirit Review

By The Maj. I will go ahead and admit I am a gadget guy, especially sharp gadgets.  All be told, I do not know how many knives, hatchets, multi-tools, axes, machetes, etc that I have owned or still own.  To me, there is not much that beats a good, sharp blade and in the end …

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Jan 17

Gear Review: Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife

By JM I know, I know, everyone has the perfect survival knife.  But if you are in the market for a new survival knife or if you just want a new knife take a look at what the Gerber LMF II has to offer.  Before I purchased the Gerber LMF I did a lot of …

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