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Dec 22

Back To Basics: 5 Things You Should Stockpile For Bartering

Note from PJ:  This article is a guest contribution and while brief does touch on a good topic.  Lots of opinions floating out there about what to stockpile for bartering, or if one should even attempt to barter at all after something like SHTF.  Read the article and then post comments / opinions below.  Thanks! …

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Apr 02

Bartering items you probably overlooked

When you think of SHTF and bartering quite a few of the standard items come to mind.  Ammunition, hand sanitizer, lighters, food, coins, bottled water, alcohol, tobacco et al.  We probably have a fair share of almost all of these items stockpiled and there certainly is nothing wrong with that.  If T-SHTF does happen they …

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Dec 17

Valuable bartering items you should stock up on

I recently wrote about how after T-SHTF there will be a need to barter in order to survive. Even those who have stocked up for years will find themselves in a position of want at some point (circumstances do not always play out according to plan), and the need to barter will then become apparent. …

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Nov 27

After T-SHTF, you will have to barter to survive.

I recently read an article posted on another website which claimed that one should not rely on bartering after SHTF, or an economic collapse.  Without divulging the source of the article (professional courtesy) I would like to address why I believe this concept is flawed and why after an economic collapse or SHTF type event …

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