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Apr 29

Itty Bitty Garden Updates

This past weekend my wife and I set out to work on our garden, this will be our second year growing our own food.  Last year we had one 3×3 box and it did quite well, we watched and learned as the growing season went by.  This year we decided to take things up a …

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Jan 04

A Get Started Guide To Vertical Gardening

By Nancy. Vertical gardens are ideal for those with limited space such as apartment or condominium residents. Homes with limited ground space such as duplexes, beach houses and mobile homes also adapt well to vertical gardening. With a little help from vertical supports, vegetable plants no longer have to lay unattended, languishing in the mud. …

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Jun 20

Square Foot Gardening Updates

This is the first year that my family and I are attempting to grow anything edible, I say that because I did try to plant a money tree once but it failed to yield anything of value.  As someone who claims to be preparing for the worst, and especially someone who blogs about prepping you …

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Apr 24

Square Foot Gardening

We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  Quite often most of us are very willing to talk about our strengths (i.e. I’m so awesome), after which we try to list out pseudo weaknesses which are really a strength in disguise.  You know it’s true, think about that time when you sat in an interview and told the …

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Sep 10

Agriculture in America, or the lack thereof.

by Ranger W. Sept 10, 2012 Many articles have been written lately describing the fiscal cliff, budget problems, staggering debt, and all around “collapse” many see coming. All worthy of any attention they receive and I would certainly argue they should all be discussed far more often in the mainstream media. But what are the …

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