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Product reviews of items that preppers often use or are interested in possibly purchasing

Oct 04

CRKT Guppie Review

Thanks to for providing this neat little device for me to review.  Check out the video below for my thoughts on the device and a run down of just what it is capable of.  The real question is, would this be a necessary addition to your kit or just a novelty item?   Print …

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Oct 04

Travis Haley Skimmer Enhanced Carry System Trigger Review (Glock 19)

A video review of one of my favorite modifications for my EDC gun (Glock 19), a Travis Haley Skimmer Enhanced Carry System Trigger.  Shorter take-up, a more defined wall, nice crisp break and shorter reset make for accurate shooting and quicker follow up shots.  Check out the video review below. Trigger was purchased from …

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Oct 01

Average Guy AR15 Modifications

You’ll notice I did not entitled this article “BEST AR15 Mods” because what is best is probably rather subjective to the user.  Just because a Tier 1 dude loves a piece of kit doesn’t necessarily mean that a varmint hunter will have use for it, or the guy who likes to head to the local …

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Sep 27

Field Tested: MilGPS App, Eberlestock V69 Destroyer, Salomon Quest Boots

Last week I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to put three products through their paces while on a military land navigation course.  While I’ve owned them all for a little while now it felt like this was a chance to solely focus on how well they helped (or hindered) me when it came …

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Sep 17

Water Filtration Bottle Shootout: Berkey, Lifestaw, Sawyer.

I think we can all agree that having a means by which to filter water should be on a top 5 list for any prepper, and having a small bottle in a bag (survival, bugout, get home et al) almost seems like the common sense thing to do.  Since these bottles are relatively inexpensive and …

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Sep 09

Uniden Guardian G955 Long Term Review

Thought I’d post a screencast of my long term review. If you are looking for some more situational awareness around the house, don’t want to pay a fortune and expect quality and reliably….this might be the system for you! FWIW: I have no affiliation with Uniden and am not paid to endorse their products. Links …

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Aug 11

Scottish Highlands Backpacking Trip: What Worked and What Didn’t.

From PJ:  Thanks to long time reader and contributor J for taking the time to write about the gear he utilized while on a trip to the Scottish Highlands.  It’s one thing to have a bunch of cool gear sitting in the corner for emergencies, it’s another thing to get out in the bush and …

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Jun 21

Infidel Body Armor Review: With Bellator Plate Carrier

Infidel Body Armor is based out of Dallas, TX and is owned by a USAF and LEO Veteran.  They were kind enough to offer me some body armor to review and I willingly accepted.  I have what I consider to be extensive experience with the IBA and IOTV variety of Milspec body armor and also …

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Jun 19

Kuhl Revolvr vs Carhartt Force: Prepper Pants

I like comfortable pants and as a contractor of various types, prefer those which are functional, durable and heck somewhat stylish.  Over the years I’ve worn almost every variety including Wrangler, Sonoma, 5.11 and more.  Yet recently I had the opportunity to wear and test two other brands: Kuhl and Carhartt.  I should note that …

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Feb 04

What I Look For In A BUGOUT BAG (aka Survival Bag).

Like most people I have gone through various stages over the years with how I address the Bugout Bag conundrum.  A few years ago I actually had two bags, an OD Green Army ALICE pack (rucksack) which I kept staged as a dedicated bugout bag and a smaller heavy duty backpack which I kept in …

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Jan 02

Sock Choices: Kirkland, Smartwool, Fox River, Military Issue

Good socks are a key component to keeping one’s feet in good working order, thus maintaining both comfort and morale.  If your feet fail you misery soon follows, I’ve seen many a strong body crippled by a few quarter sized blisters.  In a practical sense if you want to be that prepper who is able …

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Dec 25

EDC Knife: Benchmade Mini-Barrage vs Cold Steel Code 4

I’ll just come right out and state it: An Everyday Carry (EDC) knife is a more useful tool than a sidearm.  If I had the choice to ONLY carry one or the other I concede it would definitely be the sidearm, I don’t see myself fairing too well against a bad guy (or two) at …

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Dec 24

Casio PRO-TREK PRW2500T-7 Review: A Great Prepper Watch!

What makes a great prepper watch?  If I could summarize it all into one sentence it would be this:  A great prepper watch is one that is affordable, tough yet comfortable, is not bound to a traditional battery lifespan, is packed with practical features that are not gimmicky and is one that does not require …

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Nov 29

Valley Food Storage: White Bean & Lime Chili Review

I’m have a love hate relationship with beans, in that I can tolerate them but try not to go out of my way to enjoy them on any one occasion.  That stated I was willing to give Valley Food Storage a shot and post up a review, and I specifically requested that they send me …

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Nov 18

Clawhammer Supply 5 Gallon Still Review (Part 1)

By Geronimo. I was recently afforded the opportunity to assemble and provide a review of the Clawhammer Supply 5 Gallon Still for PJ and the great community. Let me put some disclaimers right out front. I come from a long line of Eastern Kentucky hillbilly moonshiners, I am a huge fan of whiskey and …

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