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Product reviews of items that preppers often use or are interested in possibly purchasing

Mar 30

BulletSafe Body Armor Review

Why have body armor?  That’s the question many people ask and my response to that is this: why NOT have body armor and as a matter of fact why NOT have body armor for every member of the family that is capable of wearing a vest?  To be sure there are other preps which take …

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Mar 23

Blackfire Clamplight Lantern Review

Quite often I’ll post a review and go through all sorts of criteria before giving you a bottom line assessment of said item. I’ll just cut right to the chase with this one and state that this little clamplight lantern is awesome, something definitely worth owning whether spending time camping with family or for use …

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Mar 16

PowerPot V Review: Boil Water = Charge Electronics

I’ve been there and I know you have too.  Out in the woods and you look down at your cell phone, an alert staring you in the face that you have minimal battery life.  No outlets for miles, no generators to slave off of and your vehicle is at the trail-head half a day’s walk …

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Mar 04

The Spool Tool Review

By Muleskinner If you are like me you love your 550 paracord; and what is not to love when there are literally dozens of uses for this nearly indispensable item. If you are also like me you’ll find that getting your 550 out to use can be very frustrating if not a maddening affair. The …

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Feb 04

ECOZOOM Versa Stove Review

Back in the fall of 2013 I contacted the folks over at Ecozoom to see if they would be willing to part with one of their stoves so we could review it.  After all every prepper secretly lusts for a nice rocket style stove in their inventory, these things burn hot and require very little …

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Feb 03

Merrell Moab Ventilator: Long Term Review

Back in September of 2012 I wrote a post which detailed the necessity of having sturdy clothing, even if it meant just having a set in the trunk in case of a worst case scenario while at work.  In the post I described a new pair of hiking shoes I had just purchased, the Merrell Moab …

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Jan 28

EZ DOH Breadmaker Review

By The Maj. Ok, I can cook and as with most men, I prefer to cook over a fire or grill.  I actually enjoy doing so and I absolutely love campfire cooking.  That said, I DO NOT bake, mainly because the conventional oven hates me and unlike cooking over heat, adding more heat tends to …

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Jan 13

SHTF Blade: SOG Spirit Review

By The Maj. I will go ahead and admit I am a gadget guy, especially sharp gadgets.  All be told, I do not know how many knives, hatchets, multi-tools, axes, machetes, etc that I have owned or still own.  To me, there is not much that beats a good, sharp blade and in the end …

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Jan 07

Streamlight PROTAC HL: Harness the Sun for under $70

I pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a self admitted flashlight junkie.  I like big flashlights, medium flashlights, small and micro flashlights, headlamps, tactical lights, weapon lights and even those Q beam lights that plug into your car cig lighter.  I think it’s a dude thing and many of my friends also enjoy …

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Dec 29

K-Light Rechargeable Lantern Review

By The Maj. In our gadget centric world, it is usually a shock to our systems when those gadgets run out of power for an extended period of time. Certainly most reading this have 12-volt chargers for their vehicles for their most important devices but have you considered what happens when the gas is no longer flowing and …

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Dec 12

MRE Review:

I was contacted by the good folks over at about a month or so ago, they wanted to know if I would like to review a case of their MRE’s.  Two thoughts immediately crossed my mind.  While I don’t consider myself a connoisseur of all things MRE I have no doubt easily eaten hundreds …

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Nov 11

UVPaqlite: No batteries, No bulbs, No Electricity

I freely admit that I am a flashlight lover, one could even say that I have a flashlight fetish.  I love big flashlights, small flashlights, micro flashlights, headlamps, traditional/LED flashlights etc.  I’m the guy who sees those cheap $1 flashlights at the convenience store checkout counter and can’t pass up the opportunity.  There is one …

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Nov 05

M&P15 Magpul Upgrades

To be certain there was nothing wrong with my standard Smith and Wesson M&P15.  Mine was the patrol rifle variant which came with a telescoping stock, removable carry handle and standard hand guards.  Additionally it had a 1/9 twist (compared to the 1/7 on my Colt) and a barrel configured to accept a bayonet.  On …

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Nov 03

Lifestraw Family Test and Evaluation

The good folks over at were generous enough to send me one of their Lifestraw Family water filtration devices so that I could write a review about it.  Here’s the deal, there is no test which I can conduct which will overshadow the fact that the Lifestraw Family absolutely works and is being utilized …

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Oct 17

LifeStraw: A Must Have Item


I know what you are thinking, wow PJ gets lots of free stuff to review from his sponsors.  Nothing could be further from the truth and I wanted to make this point right up front because I believe it is important.  Although I did receive a small discount , I recently purchased three Lifestraws from …

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