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Regular updates which consolidate links to great deals on prepper items and display current events relevant to those who want to stay informed.

Apr 03

Prep Updates: On the Road

I’ve been on the road like crazy lately, the good news is that I still try to carve out time for the blog and especially to post more updates from The Maj and his bugout journey (look for the next one this weekend).  I put in 6 hours in meetings today followed by 8 hours …

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Mar 22

Prep Updates: Random Ramblings

I’ve been pretty busy lately but hope to get a couple reviews up early this week.  I have a very nice piece of body armor which I have been very impressed with and a pretty cool multi-purpose camping light which has several variations on how you can utilize it.  Maybe I’ll get one up tomorrow …

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Mar 16

Prepper Updates: Wife is on board

I need to clarify the title in this post in that my wife has always been on board with this whole prepping lifestyle.  She initiated our garden last year and easily put in 80% of the work to make sure it yielded crops.  She never questioned my prep purchases and has always supported our transition …

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Mar 09

Prep Updates: Bring On SPRING!

I hope everyone is doing well and remembered to “spring forward” 1 hour with your clocks.  I woke up this morning wondering why I slept in so late and then remembered about the time change, I guess the my phone updates automatically.  I believe that it is supposed to get into the 60’s this week, …

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Jan 24

Prep Updates: Wow it’s Cold

10 month old German Shepherd in the snow

The last couple weeks have been ridiculous with temps ranging from -30 to 15 or 20 degrees.  Every time I step outside I know that if I were to get dropped in the woods in these temps my likelihood of survival would be slim.  Yes I have gear and know how to make a fire …

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Jan 04

Prep Updates: Snowmaggeddon!

I find it quite ironic that I posted an informative article related to gardening today, this while winter storms and freezing temps grip the nation.  Currently there is a nice layer of snow on the ground outside of my home with another 6 inches expected throughout the evening and into tomorrow.  This combined with temps …

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Dec 31

Prep Updates: Tactical Flashlights

I just came home from Costco and picked up a Duracell 3 pack of Tactical Flashlights.  The price was right at $14 for the set, this compared to $23 on Amazon (plus shipping).  I’ll now be able to keep a dedicated Tac Light in each of my vehicles, this in addition to lights placed in …

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Dec 06

Prep Updates: Bring on the Snow

I should apologize for the lack of articles this week but it’s something I just can’t help.  I spent a very busy 4 days in Chicago attending a conference, it was like being in the belly of the beast!  I’m so glad to be out of that town, in my opinion the traffic was worse …

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