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Jun 25

Surviving any Situation – Alcohol tips and uses

By Luke. When it comes to self-reliance and being able to adapt and change to any given situation, utilizing a single item for multiple purposes will separate you from the other denizens of society. You’ll need to be able to secure your home, family, and valuable resources. One of the most valuable items when it …

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May 06

4 High-Tech Gadgets Every Survivalist Needs For The Apocalypse

It was widely believed that the world would come to an end on December 21, 2012 because it was the end-date on the Mayan calendar. Comet Elenin and Comet ISON were also supposed to be ELE’s (Extinction Level Event) in 2012 and 2014, respectively, but both ended up harmlessly passing Earth causing little more than …

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Apr 14

Toto, Where’s Kansas? Tips for Navigating in Survival Situations

Photo by Calsidyrose. Used under Creative Commons. You’ve been following the yellow dirt road for hours. A few miles back you left the wicked wolf of the West crushed underneath a huge boulder that came flying off the ledge of a nearby cliff. Now you’re faced with the unfortunate truth that you’re lost in the wild. No …

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Mar 11

4 Reasons to Include Gold and Silver in Your Preps

Survival prepping means being prepared for anything. This includes everything from the essentials, like food and water, to protecting your wealth. Financial preparedness is an important aspect of any SHTF plan, and diversifying your portfolio with gold and silver is a good place to start. If you are unfamiliar with or on the fence about investing in precious metals, here …

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Mar 04

The Spool Tool Review

By Muleskinner If you are like me you love your 550 paracord; and what is not to love when there are literally dozens of uses for this nearly indispensable item. If you are also like me you’ll find that getting your 550 out to use can be very frustrating if not a maddening affair. The …

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Feb 15

Bulletproof Vest State Laws in the US for Civilians

By Anthony. Prior to buying any particular type of body armor in the USA, one should understand the laws on this matter. Although it’s mostly legal to wear body armor for civilians across the US, there might be some locations with certain restrictions. The US government, as well as local state governments, has set particular …

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Feb 06

Some Things To Think About When Planning Your Bunker

By Preston. From civil unrest and terrorist acts to biological weapons and full-out nuclear war, there could easily come a time when you will need to be totally self-sufficient for weeks, months, maybe even years. A properly designed and stocked bunker will make all the difference on whether you survive and thrive—or perish. The Bunker …

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Feb 04

ECOZOOM Versa Stove Review

Back in the fall of 2013 I contacted the folks over at Ecozoom to see if they would be willing to part with one of their stoves so we could review it.  After all every prepper secretly lusts for a nice rocket style stove in their inventory, these things burn hot and require very little …

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Jan 28

EZ DOH Breadmaker Review

By The Maj. Ok, I can cook and as with most men, I prefer to cook over a fire or grill.  I actually enjoy doing so and I absolutely love campfire cooking.  That said, I DO NOT bake, mainly because the conventional oven hates me and unlike cooking over heat, adding more heat tends to …

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Jan 21

What to look for in Survival Knives & Hatchets

By James. Survival Knives Outdoor survival knives have been an essential tool ever since the first explorers cut their way across the new frontier. The right knife should be sharp, durable and safe, allowing the user to prepare firewood, build shelters and slice fabrics and materials. Here is everything you need to know about when …

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Jan 19

The Lowly Survival Manual

By Muleskinner. Most people can’t define the four 3′s that are basic to survival. As a refresher these basic principles are: 3 minutes without air; 3 hours without shelter; 3 days without water; and 3 weeks without food. This may sound simple enough, but did you also know that it is estimated that no more than 3% of …

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Jan 15

Know Your Environment

By J. Something I have been thinking about lately, given the bitter cold that the country got blasted with not long ago, is knowing your environment; more specifically, knowing the inherent hazards and benefits of it. This can, in my opinion, make or break you in a situation gone bad. It can also be beneficial to you on a …

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Jan 13

SHTF Blade: SOG Spirit Review

By The Maj. I will go ahead and admit I am a gadget guy, especially sharp gadgets.  All be told, I do not know how many knives, hatchets, multi-tools, axes, machetes, etc that I have owned or still own.  To me, there is not much that beats a good, sharp blade and in the end …

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Jan 11

25 Essential Outdoor Survival Tips

By James. There are some essential things you should know about how to survive in the outdoors. While this list isn’t intended to be a complete outdoor survival guide it does highlight the most important considerations to make anytime you head into the wilderness. Essential Outdoor Survival Tips The most important survival tip is survival …

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Jan 04

A Get Started Guide To Vertical Gardening

By Nancy. Vertical gardens are ideal for those with limited space such as apartment or condominium residents. Homes with limited ground space such as duplexes, beach houses and mobile homes also adapt well to vertical gardening. With a little help from vertical supports, vegetable plants no longer have to lay unattended, languishing in the mud. …

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