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Feb 15

Bulletproof Vest State Laws in the US for Civilians

By Anthony. Prior to buying any particular type of body armor in the USA, one should understand the laws on this matter. Although it’s mostly legal to wear body armor for civilians across the US, there might be some locations with certain restrictions. The US government, as well as local state governments, has set particular …

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Mar 19

Protecting Your 4th Amendment Rights (From a former LEO)

By CJ Preface As a former law enforcement officer, I have had the benefit of seeing the other side of the fence. In my time as a LEO, I learned from a number of citizens first-hand how readily the freedom we have as Americans is given up by the misinformed and undereducated. I wanted to …

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Mar 07

Top 10 Doomsday Theories of 2013

Our friend Chris over at recently conducted an extensive poll which asked the question: What do you think is the most probable cause to end life, as we know it?  Chris compiled the data and put together this outstanding infographic.  Personally I believe an economic/financial collapse is entirely possible and would cause much consternation, but our …

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