Dec 20

Building a PVC storage cache

Upon reading the title of this post you might be wondering if this was inspired by the recent “gun control” frenzy in the media and thus will focus on how to break down and bury guns in one’s backyard.  Of course you could do something like that with the information provided here, but I would submit that if the time comes to bury our guns the time has arrived to dig up our guns (I can’t take credit for that one).  There are plenty of good reasons for knowing how to build a cache using PVC pipe and they all do not have to be associated with prepping.  Maybe you want to build a time capsule for your family or church group, maybe you just want to keep your wife’s birthday present in a secure location where she is sure not to find it!

Of course more practical reasons exist for building a PVC storage cache when it comes to prepping.  You could keep what amounts to the contents of a bugout bag buried somewhere on your property for the sake of redundancy.  You could also strategically place some PVC storage cache’s along your bugout route so that if you were on foot, you wouldn’t have to carry as heavy of a load (knowing you had resupplies on your route).  Whatever your reason the supplies needed to build these devices are relatively cheap and they can be assembled in just a few minutes.  Everything you need can be found at your local hardware store.

-PVC Pipe (4 or 6 inch)

-One end cap

-One adapter with cleanout plug

-Silicone caulking (or PVC cement)

Once you have everything it’s time to begin the assembly process, this video goes over all of the steps in detail.

One last precautionary note, before deciding to dig big holes in your backyard make sure to contact your utility company so they can come out and mark your yard.  Underground gas lines, power lines and communication lines do not react well when struck by a shovel and I’m sure you wouldn’t like to get the bill for the repair.  Call someone before you dig!


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  1. Ranger W

    This is going to be very important when the further gun regulation starts. Im usually not a tin foil hat type guy worrying about the federales kicking in my door but just remember that throughout the majority of the world that is exactly the case. If you still believe in American exceptionalism then you must have happened on prepper sites by accident. My plan is hope for the best but prepare for the worst. And remember that hope is not a method of preparing.

  2. Charlie Mike

    Where can I find PVC that is larger in diameter than 6″? I would like something in the 12″ diameter. I’ve Googled for some in my area but have not had much luck. I looked at Lowes & Home Depot without much luck either.

    1. PJ

      I would think plumbing supply stores might have what you need, or you could used 5 gallon buckets. Just a thought.

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