Feb 01

Are we preparing for Civil War?

Watch the video, make your own assessment.  Comment below.


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  1. ParaB

    Wow. Well, I knew about some of that, but not the extent that its gone. If one couples that info with the recent bid for the 7000 rifles, and the billions of rounds, and the joint military/law enforcement training in our cities, it really can only add up to one thing. I cant believe things have gone so far out of whack. I also read, maybe 6 months ago, that the government quadrupled its emergency food supply. Yeah, one nation under God….. Be vigilant brothers and sisters.

  2. PJ

    I did hear that last year much of the reason that all of the Mountain House and other food storage was constantly on back order at major retailers was because the government was buying it all up. Interesting times indeed.

  3. AnotherNCprepper

    I think I’m gonna be sick…. Lately I found myself wishing I had kept taking my “blue” pills. Ignorance truly is bliss!

    Thanks for the post, that video was just long enough for the pressure caner to cool off enough to open safely.

    1. PJ

      To paraphrase a quote from 1984: In times of universal deceit, the truth is revolutionary. Glad you enjoyed the vid. :)

  4. Greg

    I am continually bothered by everyone trying to compare Obama to Lincoln. Bothered by the Hollywood elites putting out a bunch of positive stuff on Lincoln when they trash everything else American. I watch this video and think about how homegrown forces are what Obama has been preparing to deal with since he got power. It is obvious they are preparing for a civil war and want to paint Obama in Lincoln’s greatness. They think this will help them win. Very scary. I don’t want any part of any of it and hope we can avoid this madness.

    1. PJ


      The good news is most of these home grown forces of which you speak are hopefully on the side of the people. I too am sick and tired of the Hollywood elites and find them completely irrelevant, their opinions/lives/wealth/perceived influence. There are many others who feel as we do, as was evidenced by the spoof on the “celebrity” call for action Sandy Hook video. Enough violence you say, time for something to be done? Wait…go make another movie where people do drugs, drink alcohol, and dozens of people are killed by gunfire.

  5. T.R.

    I also hope we get our heads out . But if we dont and it happens , I will be on the side that is for the Constitution and Bill of Rights …………..and like the typical Confederate soldier , I will use what is at hand and get the rest off the other guys .

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