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Ammo can ideas

Ammo Can at Prepper-Resources.comAmmo cans are a prepper’s best friend. 30 cal and 50 cal seem to be the most popular variety of ammo cans although they come in all sizes.  Some time spent searching around online will yield decent prices ($9-$12 each). Besides storing ammunition there are quite few additional uses for these cans, it would seem you are only limited by your imagination and skills in custom fabrication. Below are a few of the most common uses that you might not have thought of.  Feel free to add your own ideas after the post in the comment section.

Fired Brass: Keep your once fired brass sorted in separate cans prior to reloading them.

Magazines: Loose magazines can be stored in cans, better than having them dump out onto your feet when you bump against one of your shelving units.

Gun Parts: Keep spare parts and the tools to work on your guns inside an ammo can

Cleaning Kits/Range box: Easily stored and transportable, take your can filled with all of your cleaning supplies and range accessories inside a can (or two). You can also use the can as a bench rest once you get to the range.

HAZMAT: Items like roadside safety flares are nicely protected inside ammo cans.  Just be careful not to store them in a place where they are exposed to direct sunlight.

Survival Kit: A small survival kit could be stored in your trunk, which contained small amounts of all the major essentials (food, water tables, medical etc)

BugOut Grab-n-go: Several ammo cans packed with different types of gear are easy to grab, easy to stack, and very resilient to being tossed around in a BugOut scenario.

Faraday Cage: When properly insulated, an ammo can could provide protection against an EMP pulse for some of your sensitive electronics (2 way radios).

Important Documents: Toss some of your important personal information and hard drive backups into a can, and then put a lock on it.

Stove: That’s right, you can make a stove out of an ammo can.

Tire chains: Store your winter chains easily in cans, toss them in the bed of your pickup as a counterweight as well.

A chair: Why not?


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  1. The blog is very interesting and provides the information about ammo cans. The ammo cans are great for storage because they have a rubber seal in the lid to prevent water from getting into the ammo box.

  2. I would love to know more about being safe in an apartment when SHTF, like seniurcg the front door entry, windows and walls. I am talking about taking further steps assuming you have to lay low and not want any unwanted entry and adding more security to keep people out. I know we have rules as to what we can do in an apartment but when it comes to my safety and if we are in a WROL situation, that is going out the window for me. have you ever given this much thought? I am fortunate because I am on the second floor and you can only get in by my front door, no windows however I have a balcony but you’r need a BIG ladder and I have taken this into consideration with some measures. I guess I get frustrated, not with you but with all the prep advice out there is usually guided towards people with land and we have to be in an apartment but need to be safe. Just some thoughts, Thanks for your blog~

      • PJ on November 13, 2012 at 7:06 AM
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      I actually wrote about considerations for Apartment Preppers:



  3. Thank for sharing these ideas. Ammo cans are used for safe transport and storage. Ammo cans are great storgae container.

    • Jmarie on July 20, 2017 at 1:47 AM
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    1 of the preppers in my group; stores veggie/fruit cans in ammo boxes. Has anyone else ever done this or are the boxes only for ammo?

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