Feb 15

Alert: States Pushing Gun Control Legislation

If you’ve been mildly paying attention to the mainstream media recently you would have noticed that the topic of gun control is not being pumped over the digital network 24/7 much like it was a month ago. We all know about the recent legislation proposed by Sen Feinstein (Senate Judiciary Hearing to be held at the end of Feb) and the draconian laws passed in the state of New York, but since then you’ve gotten busy and other things have occupied your time. Stories of an ex-cop on a shooting rampage in LA and a crippled cruise ship have taken center stage, quite possibly leading you to believe that the gun control agenda has once again started to fizzle off into oblivion. But is that really the case? While we know that laws on the Federal level might be a long time coming (if at all), what about all of the new legislation on the state level? If you haven’t been paying attention here is a little recap which should demonstrate that this fight we have on our hands to protect the 2nd Amendment is far from over.

Colorado: Recent bills introduced which would require background checks for the sale of every weapon in the state, and restrict magazines to a capacity of no more than 15 rounds. According to Police Chief John Jackson: “This is a matter of public safety.”

New Jersey: Twenty bills recently collected by the state legislature which would restrict magazine capacity to no more than 10 rounds, require proof of firearms training to buy a gun, require ammunition sales to be conducted face to face, and introduce firearms registration cards which would have to be renewed every 5 years.

Maryland: Recent proposals by Gov. O’Malley would include mandatory training and fingerprinting for gun owners, and look to cut down on straw purchases.

Kentucky: House Bill 265 would give Law Enforcement the ability to determine who should own an “assault rifle” and require background checks for all gun purchases (to include gun shows).

California: 10 new proposals have been introduced into the state legislature which would ban the sale of semi automatic rifles with detachable magazines, with no grandfather clause. Background checks would be required for ammunition purchases, magazines over 10 rounds would be banned and all guns would have to be registered.

Missouri: Democratic proposal introduced which would give gun owners would have 90 days to turn in their “assault rifles” and large capacity magazines…or face prosecution.

New Mexico: A bill is making its way to the Governor’s desk which would require all those who purchase guns at gun shows to go through background checks and registration.

Massachusetts: A new bill would force gun owners to store their “high capacity rifles” at ranges rather than at home, and would also require gun owners to purchase personal liability insurance.

Washington: 3 lawmakers have introduced legislation which would ban assault weapons, magazines over 10 rounds, and also prohibits the manufacturing, possessing, purchasing, selling or transferring of an assault weapons “conversion kit.” Here’s the catch, assault weapons would be defined as any semiautomatic pistol, pump-action rifle or shotgun that can accept a detachable magazine.

Realistically the chances of all of these proposals becoming law in their respective states are slim, but the important thing to remember is that all of these are happening across the country at the same time. This momentum should not be ignored or shrugged off just because you don’t see it aired every time you turn on the television. You had better believe that gun control advocates are far from giving up their fight, a fight which is now being played out at the state and local level in addition to what is being done on Capitol Hill. Do not become complacent and assume that this will either go away or simply be taken care of by somebody else. Stay informed and remain resolute in the fact that our 2nd Amendment rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.


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  1. Semper Paratus

    Minnesota is also considering both an assault weapons ban (similar to the Feinstein proposal) and a ban on magazines over 10 rounds. Existing assault weapons would be grandfathered, existing magazines would not be grandfathered and would therefore have to be sold or destroyed. There is little political appetite for either proposal even though the governor is a Democrat and both houses of the legislature are held by Democrats.

  2. PJ

    Sounds like Minnesota lawmakers are getting bold, I can’t imagine there would be a good reception for such legislation up there. These proposals get more and more restrictive, it’s like they are trying to “one up” each other. Remember it’s all about “common sense” solutions by people who supposedly support the 2A.

    We are seeing their true colors.

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