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10 Events Which Will NOT Occur In 2014

If you are like me you’ll quickly scan past this first paragraph and go right to the list, and if you see something you don’t like you’ll start jamming text into the comment section with much gusto.  Here’s the thing, in no way am I insinuating that any of the items below are NOT possible, in fact I take many of them into consideration while prepping.  Yet based on my observations I just can’t see any of them occurring this year as the stars are not quite aligned (yet).  Think of it like a volcano, there have been tremors for quite some time suggesting that any number of the following could occur, and the tremors are getting stronger and more frequent.  But…we aren’t quite there yet in my humble opinion.  The proof will be in the pudding as I am pretty certain I’ll be sitting in this same spot 1 year from now reflecting on how completely accurate my list was.  On the other hand if I do miss a few I can take solace in the fact that the internet is full of bad/wrong predictions (just google 2013 SHTF predictions and you’ll be shocked at what failed to materialize), heck I even wrote about that in a recent post.  Still predictions are fun, sort of like rolling the dice so here we go:

  • A Major Economic Collapse (Meltdown) Will NOT Happen
  • FEMA Camps Will NOT be implemented
  • The US Dollar Will NOT be dropped as the world’s Reserve Currency
  • Silver will NOT skyrocket to $1,000/ounce
  • Quantitative Easing (Money Printing) Will NOT Cease
  • Nationwide Gun Confiscation Will NOT Be Initiated
  • Nationwide Bans On “High Cap” Magazines Or Online Ammo Purchases Will NOT Happen
  • A Civil War Within The USA Will NOT Occur
  • The EBT System Will NOT Totally Collapse, Inciting Food Riots
  • World War 3 (Nuclear) Will NOT Happen
  • **Bonus Prediction**  The vast majority of overweight  and out of shape individuals who join a gym at this point in the year Will NOT stick with their workout/diet regimen for more than 3 weeks.

You’ll notice that I did not mention anything related to a Solar Flare, EMP strike or much more likely (in my opinion) Cyber Attack, all of which would initiate some sort of grid down scenario.  Things could get complicated in that a Cyber attack could spark an economic collapse which obviously would lead to riots as the EBT system would be down, triggering a rise in silver prices etc etc.  If all that happens the internet will be gone anyways and this post will be long forgotten.

Happy 2014 and good luck in your preps, I’ve got my flame suit on so feel free to light me up in the comment section!

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  1. Stephanie

    I hope you are right as I am not done with many of my prepping goals yet. I need at least one more year to feel a little more secure in being able to take care of my family of 5 in a disaster/emergency or economic collapse.

    1. PJ


      I hope I’m right too, I feel many of us wish we had more time to prep. :)

      1. Dave

        Hey, there’s a healthy sport in becoming self-reliant: indoors, outdoors, against threats, against imagined threats. TV, as good as much of it is, is selling something. Stop looking over your shoulder. Learn to grow your Self. Make it fun.

  2. Muleskinner


    Good for you. Prepare for the worse by hope for the best. As I am ever the optimist I concur that the likelihood of any or all of these events occurring in 2014 are slim. However, vigilance and diligence should be in a heightened state. .

    The one thing we can be sure of is that the inflation rate will continue to eat into American’s disposable income by forcing higher prices in food, fuel, and clothing. It will be a bumpy ride but with a little prior planning most will find away to make it through.

  3. The Maj

    Dang PJ, you took all the fun out of the New Year :)

    About the only thing I predict will happen is the gubment will rattle on gun control again to no avail, other than creating another panic and run on guns and ammo. Of course that would not happen until after the midterm elections, so it would be late in the year (dependent on the outcome of the elections of course).

    As for the other stuff, the possibility always exists but if anyone could predict it to even a specific year, then they should be the most prepared and richest person on the planet. The problem with the predictions is if you trace most of them back, you will find someone trying to sell something at the bottom of the rabbit hole.

  4. Dare2it

    PJ: Here’s another sure-thing prediction – no matter what else happens in 2014, you can be sure we will still have a bullying, lying, spying tyrant in the White House. (Hat tip to Wayne Allen Root’s post at Personal Liberty Digest http://personalliberty.com/2014/01/02/the-bullying-lying-spying-tyrant-in-the-white-house/

  5. Black River Outpost

    [QUOTE] If all that happens the internet will be gone anyways and this post will be long forgotten [/QUOTE]

    We will not forget your predictions. We will construct memorials of your predictions in stone and train our children in the arts of war in hopes of one day exacting our revenge on you for the false hopes we had gained from your article, THIS article!

    …but you’re probably right

    1. PJ

      DOh! I’d better accelerate the build process on my bunker :)

  6. Mountain Rosie

    I really hope you are right because I need to do a lot more preparing in 2014!

  7. Heinrich D. Bag

    Good call. Finally some good news.

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