Mar 26

Sweat Now So You Don’t Bleed Later

By rough estimates I would say that I carry a firearm on my person 90% of the time.  The other 10% are usually instances where carrying is impractical or illegal and as such the pistola remains in a safe place not on my person.  I state that because truly in a life or death situation …

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Mar 18

New Prepper Email Questions [With Answers]

All-  I received this email from KD and wanted to share my thoughts.  See below in red and feel free to add your comments and advice in the comment section! **************** Hello – I appreciate your website re: EMP (which I just became aware of).  My husband and friends think I’m loony for preparing for …

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Mar 13

So You Want To Live Off The Grid?

Check out this documentary I stumbled across (actually my wife showed it to me).  Pretty good stuff, definitely an eye opener.  If you can’t dedicate 3 days a week to chopping wood….this life isn’t for you.  Although I am strangely intrigued.  The 80+ year old guy living by himself is just ridiculous, talk about a …

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Mar 07

It’s Hard to be a DEDICATED Prepper These Days!

I’ll be the first to admit that prepping hasn’t been at the top of my list in the last few weeks.  Winter is losing it’s grip on us and I’ve been planning for Spring and Summer of 2015, and my plans don’t involve anything remotely related to prepping.  Family vacations, motorcycle trips, projects around the …

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Mar 06

People are Crazy

Figured I’ve had this blog long enough I can post whatever I want.  Friday’s random video: People are crazy.  If you don’t like it, go put your head into a pile of drywall for all I care.  Enjoy the weekend! God is great, Beer is good, People are crazy.  

Mar 01

So I Stopped Into The Half Price Bookstore…

I have to admit, I like shiny things which smell new coming out of a box delivered by the UPS driver.  Those are always fun preps to unbox and the anticipation from the time one clicks “buy” online until the item(s) arrive is tough to suppress.  Even as I type this I have some items …

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Feb 22

3 Things I Discovered During My Prep Inventories

It’s easy to buy stuff and shove it in the basement and quite honestly that’s what most of us probably do.  What happens when a few years pass and it becomes difficult to remember what exactly you have on hand though?  Is there a need to buy more or are you good to go, this …

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Feb 18

Hilarious Post (M855 Green Tip)

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll already know about the potential ban by the BATFE on M855 “Green Tip” Ammo.  I wrote about this a few days ago and have since been searching to take a gander at some of the price gouging attempts.  Today’s nationwide search revealed this gem of a post which …

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Feb 14

M855 Green Tip Ban from BATFE: My Thoughts

You might have already seen it making the rounds on the interwebs.  The BATFE has made the move to ban the M855 “Green Tip” which I’m sure many of us have fired at one point or another.  The NRA website posted the info in an article but I’ll cite directly from the ATF”s website. Applying …

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Feb 04

What I Look For In A BUGOUT BAG (aka Survival Bag).

Like most people I have gone through various stages over the years with how I address the Bugout Bag conundrum.  A few years ago I actually had two bags, an OD Green Army ALICE pack (rucksack) which I kept staged as a dedicated bugout bag and a smaller heavy duty backpack which I kept in …

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Jan 30

DIY: Hidden Under Bed Gun Storage Drawer For $60

Look, if I had the cheddar I’d go for a super sweet under bed gun storage unit.  Maybe the $700 system offered at the Glock Store or the $6k safe offered elsewhere.  The reality of the situation is that I feel the need to have some firepower close (other than my main safe) as you …

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Jan 30

Shotgun or Revolver for Home Defense? Think Again….

Mossberg pump, Taurus Judge or S&W .357.  Good options for home defense in most cases, but not if you are this guy… Neighbors who live in the Lakewood Grove subdivision in Tomball are on edge after a violent home invasion in the community overnight on Monday. The homeowner and suspects fired back and forth more …

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Jan 28

Theory is one thing, REALITY is another…

Many moons ago on my first deployment overseas I saw a grown man curl up in ball and cry.  This was something I had not anticipated, he seemed like a strong and knowledgeable combat arms non-commissioned officer and leader of men.  It only took 2 months in the spring of 2003 in Iraq to break …

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Jan 26

Life Is Good: Make Like A Squirrel

Life is good right now if you live in America, relatively speaking and according to most mainstream media outlets.  The DOW keeps punching through all time highs, gas prices are low, jobs are being added while unemployment is dropping.  Inflation is low and optimism is high, credit is once again plentiful and you too can …

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Jan 21

After Action Review (AAR): Break In Shooting (Video)

The story and follow up from Local 8 News in Idaho. Cvengros had a camera rolling to document the commotion after seeing glass flying from the upstairs apartment onto the cars parked below. He said once he heard unusually concerning noises coming from the apartment upstairs, he started documenting the commotion using his digital camera, …

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