Oct 08

As a Prepper, It’s not about YOU, but what YOU can do for OTHERS.

  I’m sitting here at 11:30 pm, still in my dirty pants (laying in a semi wet prone position) with a Glock 19 on one hip, 2 spare mags on the other.  I’ve just been reflecting on the events of the day and how proud I am of my daughter.  I set off to re-zero …

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Oct 06

My Thoughts on: “Train Like You Fight!”

Somewhere on a rifle range there is a young Soldier waddling up to the firing line to zero their weapon, wearing every piece of kit known to mankind.  As they get down into the prone their protective mask gets in the way, the neck protector chokes them and the piece of extra armor behind their helmet …

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Oct 05

When T-SHTF, We Are Coming To YOUR House.

This past weekend my sister and brother in law (BIL) came over to visit, they live about an hour and a half away.  Having been married for just under a year they are still getting their bearings with respect to life in general (together), I sometimes look back when my wife and I started out …

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Oct 02

A REAL Man: A Response to the Modern Man NYT Article

I just finished reading this article which is sort of sad, hilarious and a stark reminder of just how soft today’s men are becoming.  These are the type of dudes that look like idiots in front of their spouse when they come in contact with real men, maybe their spouse secretly wishes her Beta Male …

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Sep 30

And….Nothing Happened In September. *yawn*

Lots of experts and bloggers out there calling for the end in September.  And here we sit…Of course now they are moving on to the next big prediction or trying to delicately back peddle.  But wait…this is what they predicted from the beginning, sort of, maybe, just keep reading, I promise it will happen. Practical, …

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Sep 27

Field Tested: MilGPS App, Eberlestock V69 Destroyer, Salomon Quest Boots

Last week I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to put three products through their paces while on a military land navigation course.  While I’ve owned them all for a little while now it felt like this was a chance to solely focus on how well they helped (or hindered) me when it came …

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Sep 13

CCW: When Your Wife Carries

If I could summarize this article in once sentence it would be this: what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for her, and although I considered that going in the actual application of this premise was eye opening. The Background My wife has had her CCW for quite a few years with her primary weapon …

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Sep 08

Is Open Carry Responsible?

What say you? Kyle Lamb’s comments here. Personally I could go both ways on this one and I’ve read just about every argument over and over.  Really for me the situation dictates and while I PREFER to concealed carry sometimes open carry does happen…most of the time when I’m heading to or returning from the …

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Sep 03

What’s Your Freedom Worth? My Story.

I’ll keep things generic for OPSEC purposes but I wanted to related what happened to me this week, maybe you have been in a similar situation.  Once you read my account of the events which follow, ask yourself if you would make a similar decision.  I’m not saying it’s right or wrong as each must …

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Sep 01

Conspiracy: Gun and Ammo Pricing / Availability Rigged?

I was browsing online today looking to pick up another 1000 round case of 9mm ammunition, it seems like every day I get emails from places that keep slashing their prices.  Manufactured ammo is going for around $230 (shipped) per case and reloads are under $200, a far cry from pricing two to three years …

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Aug 25

Personal Defense: Ka-Bar TDI Knife Demo

Check out this demo video about the Ka-Bar TDI knives, a good backup option if your main weapon (and strong hand) are disabled.  The timed demos are pretty cool to watch, i.e. the slowest person with a TDI knife is faster than the fastest person with a folding knife. After exchanging some messages with resident …

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Aug 20

5 Actions I Actually WILL TAKE if the Market COLLAPSES in SEP/OCT

Personally I don’t think the market will crash in the next couple months but if you look at most of the alt media and even some mainstream media sites I’m in the minority.  Call me pessimistic, call me a fool, maybe I just believe TPTB have too much stake in keeping things afloat for just …

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Aug 19

Deez Nuts for President? Hilarious

I found this video, and a subsequent article from Zerohedge both hilarious and spot on. From Zerohedge: The endemic corruption, crony capitalism, rampant regulatory capture, and licentious logrolling that many voters have come to associate with the American political process has created a deep-seated desire for change and if there are two names which most …

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Aug 13

Shooting Tomorrow: Fundamentals / Fundamentals

Sometimes it’s fun to get out to the range and shoot up multiple targets with different weapons, various distances, all sorts of drills.  After all if you are spending the time and your own money to get out and train some element of it should be entertaining.  Yet there are points in time when it’s …

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Aug 11

Scottish Highlands Backpacking Trip: What Worked and What Didn’t.

From PJ:  Thanks to long time reader and contributor J for taking the time to write about the gear he utilized while on a trip to the Scottish Highlands.  It’s one thing to have a bunch of cool gear sitting in the corner for emergencies, it’s another thing to get out in the bush and …

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