Apr 17

Bugout Log, Entry #11: A Unique Situation

During the trip, I encountered several different situations that center around running across other people.  Some questions have been asked about my encounter with two game wardens on the river, I mentioned getting stopped by a game warden in the first leg, seeing fishermen along the river leg, and some rednecks in a power boat.  Going 150+ miles, it …

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Apr 15

Prep Updates: Blogging with tiny keyboards

This morning I opened my laptop and powered it up, nothing.  I could hear the hard drive spinning but the screen remained black, not a good sign of course.  After going through various troubleshooting steps and multiple fix attempts I came to the realization that my laptop had kicked the bucket.  The good news is …

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Apr 14

Toto, Where’s Kansas? Tips for Navigating in Survival Situations

Photo by Calsidyrose. Used under Creative Commons. You’ve been following the yellow dirt road for hours. A few miles back you left the wicked wolf of the West crushed underneath a huge boulder that came flying off the ledge of a nearby cliff. Now you’re faced with the unfortunate truth that you’re lost in the wild. No …

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Apr 11

Bugout Log, Entry #10: Final Thoughts and Lessons Learned

Note from PJ: While not the final journal entry (gear reviews to follow) this one from The Maj is absolutely loaded with great information with respect to lessons learned from his Bugout journey.  I wanted to make a note right up front to thank him for the time and effort put into this so that …

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Apr 09

Vigilance: The RULE vs the Exception

My family and I are living through a serious situation, something which truly brings to bear all of the skills we have and highlights those we need to improve upon.  The short story is this: we have good reason to believe my daughter and possibly wife have a legitimate stalker, someone who has sought them …

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Apr 06

Dispersed Camping Prep: “Glamping” is for noobs.

I’ve spent countless nights out under the stars with little to no shelter, have slept in mud holes with the rain pelting me and woken up with ice on the outside of my sleep system. There have been times where 45 minutes was considered a “good night’s rest” while mosquitoes constantly buzzed around my head …

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Apr 04

Bugout Log, Entry #9: The Home Stretch (Day 11-15)

Day 11, Leg 3: Slept fine, temps dropped but never really noticed. Moving before daylight to make road crossing before traffic picks up. Four lane divided highway, which stays busy year round. Probably the most exposed I have been on entire trip, even with road miles. Once I clear it, have about 30 miles overland …

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Apr 03

Prep Updates: On the Road

I’ve been on the road like crazy lately, the good news is that I still try to carve out time for the blog and especially to post more updates from The Maj and his bugout journey (look for the next one this weekend).  I put in 6 hours in meetings today followed by 8 hours …

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Apr 02

Leave Sandals Where They Belong, At the Beach.

It’s starting to warm up around here and wouldn’t you know it, the sandal freaks are out in full force.  Jeans with sandals, shorts with sandals, cargo pants with sandals and all in the name of comfort or fashion.  As I stated in my title unless one is at the beach or the pool the …

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Mar 30

BulletSafe Body Armor Review

Why have body armor?  That’s the question many people ask and my response to that is this: why NOT have body armor and as a matter of fact why NOT have body armor for every member of the family that is capable of wearing a vest?  To be sure there are other preps which take …

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Mar 28

Bugout Log, Entry #8: Nothing But Water (Day 7-10)

Day 7, Leg 2: Spent restless night close to bridge last night because planned campsite was under water. All the rain has river high and flowing swift. Moving before daylight to give me more time to scout some oxbow lakes and make tonight’s campsite. Datrex for breakfast along with half canteen of water. Used uv …

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Mar 27

Low Cost, High Yield Preps or Actions

Unfortunately the money tree in my back yard stopped growing one hundred dollar bills and online vendors won’t accept leaves as currency.  This is mind if often becomes necessary to identify low cost preps or projects which one can undertake, or actions which can be carried out to increase overall preparedness levels.  This short list …

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Mar 24

Bugout Log, Entry #7: Settling In (Day 4-6)

Day 4, Leg 1: Slept like a fat baby last night. Did not even notice the rain quit – sun still is not shining though. Time to try some powdered eggs with bacon – will provide some variety at least. Coffee will be good as well, reminds me I need a percolator or French press …

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Mar 23

Blackfire Clamplight Lantern Review

Quite often I’ll post a review and go through all sorts of criteria before giving you a bottom line assessment of said item. I’ll just cut right to the chase with this one and state that this little clamplight lantern is awesome, something definitely worth owning whether spending time camping with family or for use …

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Mar 22

Prep Updates: Random Ramblings


I’ve been pretty busy lately but hope to get a couple reviews up early this week.  I have a very nice piece of body armor which I have been very impressed with and a pretty cool multi-purpose camping light which has several variations on how you can utilize it.  Maybe I’ll get one up tomorrow …

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